The Batman: Face the Face story arc reveals that Batman, shortly before leaving Gotham for a year, trains Dent extensively in detective work and hand-to-hand combat. Later, Gordon tells Batman that the police scientists have managed to turn Two-Face and the rest of the mutated inmates at Arkham back to normal and are currently in A.R.G.U.S. Men - apply Gender filter. One is Detective Duell, a corrupt officer on the Gotham City Police Department, whose face is scarred in a manner similar to the version of Two-Face in the mainstream continuity. I am a huge fan of Robin (specifically Tim Drake and Dick Grayson), so I relish the rare moments when a writer has the courage to write a modern day dynamic duo story. The monstrous Two-Face is left in permanent control—to the extent that one of his henchmen now refers to him only as "Face". [24], On the cover of Justice League of America (vol. The art is dark and inky, eerie and Dark Knight-y -- difficult to decipher in some places, but the full-page panels and issue covers make up for it. Otherwise, What am I?" Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Ancak işler bu kadarla da bitmemektedir. In Judd Winick's Long Shadow arc, Two-Face realizes that someone else has taken over as Batman. . Harvey Dent occasionally would bully Bruce, due to his maternal family's reputation (who are Arkhams instead of Kanes) of eventually would become insane, leading at one point, that the two boys had a fight. Two-Face has been voiced by Richard Moll in the DC animated universe, Troy Baker in the Batman: Arkham series, Billy Dee Williams in The Lego Batman Movie, and William Shatner in Batman vs. Two-Face. Charlatan is defeated by Batman and incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. In 1971, writer Dennis O'Neil brought Two-Face back, and it was then that he became one of Batman's most prominent arch-enemies. Following a confrontation with Two-Face and his henchmen - Killer Moth, Firefly, and Black Spider - Batman takes Two-Face into his custody, until they both have to fight KGBeast. In addition, he has written for Batman, Cable, Captain America, and currently writes for Justice League of America. This enable Batman to get free of his bonds. I don't know what it was about it, but it just seemed... rushed.. to me. Save this search. 1,955 results for batman face mask. Though not a district attorney again due to his terms being already ended, he helped the city set up a law preventing deceased villains to have public graves in order to prevent martyrdom, including hiding their corpses from the public eye. George Clooney's Batman from Batman & Robin is commonly regarded as one of the weaker portrayals of Bruce Wayne in cinema, but perhaps the reason for this was something that was outside everyone's (even director Joel Schumacher's) control by that point. Her original affiliation is to the heroic Riddler Family (like the similar Batman Family); it included herself, Quizmaster, Jokester, and Riddler's/Joker's Daughter (her daughter Duela). There's a lot of villains in this story, which is always a good surprise. This is a great Batman story, it’s very well written and illustrated and focusses on detective work – these tend to be my favourite type of Batman stories. His empire is brought down by Bane (employed by Lex Luthor), who destroys Two-Face's gang during his destruction of the city's Hall of Records. [56] Batman rushes in and manages to save Dent's daughter by resuscitating her. First Appearance: 1940. It was originally published in Detective Comics #817-820 and Batman #651-654 by DC Comics from May through August 2006. Someone is going around and killing c list villains. In addition, he has written. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. At the end of the book, the Dent and Two-Face personalities argue in thought, Two-Face calling Dent "spineless". When the new Batman investigates the cave, Two-Face ambushes him with tranquilizer darts, and in a hallucination he sees Dent in a red and black Two-Face themed Batman costume. It's published as part of the One Year Later event, taking place directly after Infinite Crisis and the missing year. The Pre-Crisis version of Two-Face is Harvey Dent, Gotham City's handsome young District Attorney. Batman emerges from the shadows to be the hero Gotham desperately needs in the epic series finale of Gotham. The Dollmaker AKA Barton Mathis is a twisted serial-killer who operates out of Gotham City with his "family". At one point, Dent's dialog sounded British (use of the words "rubbish" and "bloody"). Furthermore, his makeup is worn on the opposite side of his face to Harvey Dent or Paul Sloane, which easily enabled Batman to identify him as an impostor. His live-action portrayals include Billy Dee Williams in Batman (as pre-disfigurement Harvey Dent only), Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever, Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight, and Nicholas D'Agosto in the television series Gotham. It was also established, in Batman: Year One, that the pre-accident Harvey Dent was one of Batman's earliest allies. Surprisingly, for me, this is the first full-length Batman graphic novel I've ever read. When the Joker kidnaps Dent's children, Dent asks Thomas Wayne (that universe’s Batman) for help in their search, agreeing to do anything asked. Batman is captured, but Robin manages to escape. Brand. In another issue, Two-Face's life is thrown into chaos when he loses his coin during an unplanned breakout from Arkham, and replaces it with a quarter. Brand. Sloane is reused in later Earth-Two specific stories as Two-Face II of Earth-Two where the original Earth-Two Two-Face remains healed. Two-Face kidnaps Gordon and puts him on trial for his activities after Gotham City is declared a "No Man's Land", with Two-Face as both judge and prosecutor for Gordon's illegal alliance with him; but Gordon plays upon Two-Face's split psyche to demand Harvey Dent as his defense attorney. False Face had a fairly simple pattern of crime, one that initially proved quite successful. Bu sefer Batman yani Bruce Wayne sevgili arkadaşı Harley ve onun ikinci kişiliği Two-Face arasında kalacaktır. Batman real face of capitalism bust (batmetal) by boris3dstudio is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license. Votes: 233,660 | Gross: $184.03M To portray this, she wears a costume that is divided in three parts. Description Batman From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search This article is about the fictional character. Gordon is back as Commissioner, Dent becomes Two-Face again. A little backstory may have helped, but I suppose DC wants people to buy and read Crisis too, so didn't want to give much away. Dent takes the law into his own hands twice: once by using his ability to manipulate the legal system to free the Joker, and then again by shooting the serial killer Hush. Robinson's narrative on Batman, after his year off from Gotham, is finely written. Rubie's Costumes Batman VS Superman Gotham DC Comics Adult Halloween Mask 32688. Batman admits in the aftermath that, even if Two-Face has survived, Harvey Dent is gone forever.[15]. After the twins reach adulthood, Harvey becomes Gotham City's District Attorney, and Jessica as the president of the city's board of supervisors. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. So, I can only really review it as my personal introduction to Batman, which of course it was never meant to be. From shop modgear. Draw an oval & shape for … In the story “Lucky Day,” Two-Face and his gang take a game show hostage to get revenge on one of the contestants - Lester Dent, his father; Two-Face indicates Lester is a gambling addict who brutalized him and Harvey's mother whenever he lost. He obsessively makes all important decisions by flipping his former lucky charm, a two-headed coin which was also damaged on one side by the acid. Sign in Sign up for FREE Black Friday Sale: 50% OFF In his autobiography, Batman creator Bob Kane claims to have been inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, specifically the 1931 film version which he saw as a child. In this incarnation, Sloan (now spelled without a silent e) had been hired by the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, the Scarecrow, and Killer Moth to take Two-Face's place in a scheme to kill Batman. [62] While still bound and restrained, Two-Face witnesses the heroes arguing and attempts to attack Robin during Harley Quinn's riot, but is knocked out by one of Green Arrow's boxing arrows. Bat-Pug vs. The focus on Two Face bound everything together, and I particularly liked the somewhat open-ended conclusion. #Batman Batman Lower Face. View the profiles of people named Face Batman. Two-Face (Harvey Dent) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. fans of Two-Face, fans of Batman's detective skills, Being relatively new to the medium, I'd never read a Batman comic before, and grabbed this one from the library shelves for the simple reason that it had a pointy-eared guy on the cover. Two-Face has recently been driven out of Gotham City by Jeremiah Arkham.[28]. During a fight with Batman in the caves, Batman began turning the tables on Joker by calling Joker's own identity and allure into question. View As : Colored Pencils Video Standard Printable Step by Step. 1) #14, served to emphasize Dent's status as a tragic character, with a back story that included an abusive, alcoholic father, and early struggles with bipolar disorder and paranoia. Hello and welcome to The Real Batman's Batcave. Find batman stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. He is seen in their lair serving as their butler similar to Alfred Pennyworth. 10. Prompted by resentment and a paranoid reaction to Batman's questioning, Dent scars half his face with nitric acid and a scalpel, becoming Two-Face once again. I really enjoyed seeing Tim Drake as Robin too and Jim Gordon was great. [36] The last appearance of the Golden Age version of Two-Face was in Superman Family #211 (October 1981), depicting him as a guest at the marriage of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Catwoman). . The coloring was way too dark on certain pages making pages hard to see. Most of it seemed to be there just to give the artist a chance to experiment with fractured and reflective visuals. [5], Two-Face first appears in Detective Comics #66 with the name Harvey "Apollo" Kent;[3] later stories changed his name to "Harvey Dent" to avoid an association with Superman (Clark Kent).[6]. The sisters coerce Dent to become their family's legal retainer for life. Several panels of Batman and Robin #28 imply that Two-Face commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. A great Batman story that starts off and finishes strong. [14], During the Batman: Dark Victory story arc, the serial killer Hangman targets various cops who assisted in Dent's rise to the D.A. I appreciated the art, but the story felt just like a run of the mill Two Face Story. Looking for the best Batman HD Wallpapers 1080p? Dent and the other villains are then used to attack a library which Napier himself was instrumental in building in one of Gotham City’s poorer districts. The character only made three appearances in the 1940s, and appeared twice in the 1950s (not counting the impostors mentioned below). The art is above average as well, and conveys mood and style well while telling the story in a compelling manner. THIS is what Batman is all about! In this new timeline, Two Face's origin is revised significantly. . I found out as I read that it's only really a "standalone" story in the loose, comic book sense of the word. It's One Year Later...and who is the mysterious vigilante who's been murdering Gotham's highest-profile villains? It was about Harvey Dent, after being severely scarred by the Joker and Harley Quinn, his split personality gets the best of him as he reigns crime all over Gotham. After a climactic struggle in the Batcave, Two-Face is betrayed by the Joker, who shoots at Dent, causing him to fall into a chasm, presumably to his death. To make a Batman mask, start by measuring half the circumference of the person’s head, the height of the face from the nose up, and the distance between the nose and eyes. Dent is a suspect in the murders of a few villains and is on the edge of relapsing back into his Two-Face habits. Batman then moves them away from Joker.[57]. Two-Face runs into a pay phone and warns Grace to get out of her apartment before Infantino can get to her. But the coin...". [58], In the graphic novel, Batman: Earth One, Dent has a twin sister named Jessica, who was a friend of Bruce Wayne from preparatory school. In Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, Arkham's doctors replace Dent's coin with a die and eventually a tarot deck; but rather than becoming self-reliant, Dent is now unable to make even the smallest of decisions—such as going to the bathroom. - Wallpaper Abyss During his impersonation of Two-Face, Batman discovered that this Two-Face was an impostor when he killed a security guard without consulting the coin. Batman and Robin foil his plan and send him back to Arkham. His evil personality takes hold once again, and he kidnaps Grace. WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS up to Batman Beyond #11 When the unbeatable Bruce Wayne finally succumbed old age, he found a new hero to carry the Batman name - and Batman Beyond was born. Batman Classic Bat Shield Logo. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, "Gotham Season 2 Features 'Serialized' Story; Bill Cosbey Getting Batman Credit", "Arkham Asylum 15th Anniversary HC Review",, Fictional characters with dissociative identity disorder, Fictional characters with bipolar disorder, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ← The character Prankster was debuted by Jerry Siegel and John Sikela. Wow, wow, wow.. Batman Classic Bat Shield Logo Pattern. From shop modgear. Batman - Mission Masters - Warner Bros. Exclusives Released in 2001 by Kenner BATMAN - Batman's quest for justice pits him against the world's most dangerous and bizarre villains. By downloading this thing, you agree to abide by the license: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike . James Robinson is a British writer, best known for his work in comic books and screenplays. Really, it's. The Real Batman. Taking place one year after the events in "Infinite Crisis", when Batman and Robin return from their sabbatical, we face a "reformed" Two Face as a new hero/old villain in the city, a strange series of supervillain murders, and one Batman that seeks help from a detective while he's getting back on his feet. Start by marking “Batman: Face the Face” as Want to Read: Error rating book. He is very popular in kids. Vezi profilurile persoanelor cu numele Real Batman de pe Facebook. She later marries Paul Janus (a reference to the Roman god of doors, who had two faces). In the DC Rebirth rebooted universe, Batman decides to cure Two-Face, doing whatever it takes. The art by Don Kramer and and Leonard Kirk is beautiful. There is a mysterious killer taking out bad guys in Gotham and the trail leads to someone Batman thought he could trust. [3] As one of Batman's most enduring enemies, Two-Face belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up Batman's rogues gallery. When you've seen Spider-man 1 as many times as I have you can't really be impressed by split personalities talking to their mirrors. James Robinson writing deals perfectly with the characters and the symbols that appear here, having them as important plot points (instead of just bait for the readers), and the art, by Michael Bair, Keith Champagne, Andy Clarke, Wayne Faucher, and especially Don Kramer and Leonard Kirk, is as consistent as gripping. She carries a revolver in a holster slung on her right hip. This story reveals that, despite his apparent hatred for his father, Dent still supports him, paying for an expensive home rather than allowing him to live in a slum. 's office. The end of the book reveals that Two-Face is the twins' natural father.[22]. The most dangerous madman on the face of the Earth and Batman's arch-nemesis, The Joker is on the loose, spreading fear and panic throughout the streets! From scarves to high-fashion masks, people have tried all sorts of face masks since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Two-Face reveals that he struggled internally for quite some time over whether to kill his former friend, but decided not to because it would have violated his sense of justice. Harvey Dent took care Gotham City as requested by Batman? Her face is not scarred but is instead usually painted all white with a vertical green center stripe and dark green or black lipstick; sometimes she is shown with her face parted into light green on the right, white in the middle, and mauve on the left. Be the first to upload a Print for this Design! Batman Half Face Mask Kids Boys Superman Costume Cosplay Party Halloween Masks. Pretty good story. Price. As mentioned above, Harvey Dent does return as Two-Face in the 1970s. With Robin at his side, the Dark Knight puts his fighting prowess, detective skills, ad high-tech. In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. Batman - apply Brand filter. Duell is arrested at the end of Batgirl and Robin: Thrillkiller #1-3. Regular price Total: $14.99 Sale price. There were glimpses of the. Citizens in several states of the USA are expected to wear masks every time they step outdoors. A comic that greatly (and gladly) surprised me. She later has a cybernetic left arm after Superwoman mutilates her and leaves her for dead. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. the Great White Shark, it is too late to save him. Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent is mutilated in a laboratory accident. He appears at the end as the new Mayor of Gotham.[52]. He and Robin get free just before they would be run over by a subway train. Overall, this is an overlooked book that is a fun read. He is well-known for his encyclopedic knowledge of comic book continuity, especially regarding the Golden Age of comic books. So, let’s start drawing Batman’s face from the most classic oval. The second was SuperGirl villain Anton Schott, the deranged son of Superman's enemy "The Toy Man". Freeze, before Batman leaves for a year. It's not that I expected it to be bad, but I didn't expect to enjoy it this much either. Batman Face Mask Superman Face Masks Reusable Mask, Cotton Face Mask, Adult Face Mask, adjustable ear loop nose adjustable, Breathable Valve modgear. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. [26] Alfred Pennyworth saves the hero from Two-Face's torture after subduing his accomplice, and with his help Batman convinces Two-Face that he is the real, original Dark Knight, informing Dent that his problem is that he cannot imagine Batman changing because he himself is incapable of seeing the world in anything other than black and white. The story is okay. Real name: Unknown. Driven insane and deprived of fear, the Charlatan becomes obsessed with both getting revenge on the criminals who hired him and completing his mission to kill Batman. [9] This origin, presented in Batman Annual (vol. Refresh and try again. Regular price Total: $14.99 Sale price. 3367 Batman HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Sloane's mind snaps, and he begins to think that he is Dent. False Face was a self-proclaimed master of disguise who created problems for Batman and Robin several years ago. He is very popular in kids. 304 likes. Two-Face does not trust Batman to help him, however, and so threatens to destroy Gotham City with poison gas unless Batman gives him the cure. Two-Face then calls Batman, "Bruce", revealing that he knows Batman's secret identity. I don't know what it was about it, but it just seemed... rushed.. to me. Two-Face is a skilled marksman, and regularly uses a variety of firearms such as pistols, shotguns, grenade launchers, Tommy guns, knives and rocket launchers during his battles with Batman. Directed by William A. Graham. [53], On the Tangent Earth, Harvey Dent is an African-American man with psionic powers and is that world's Superman, although he has no other similarities to the Two-Face character. Face the Face is a Batman storyline written by James Robinson and illustrated by Don Kramer. [38], Paul Sloane is introduced into Post-Zero Hour continuity as a criminal called the Charlatan in Detective Comics #777 (February 2003). Taking place one year after the events in "Infinite Crisis", when Batman and Robin return from their sabbatical, we face a "reformed" Two Face as a new hero/old villain in the city, a strange series of supervillain murders, and one Batman that seeks help from a detective while he's getting back on his feet. Batman Real Face Designed by niltonbarreto5568. With the title of the book, one can guess who the story is going to be about, though. In Harvey Dent's first appearance in Detective Comics #66, the deformed portion of Dent's face is light green.. Batman and Son • Batman Eternal • Batman Incorporated • Batman R.I.P. This graphic novel begins with Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) returning to Gotham after being absent for a year. Not bad, decent art with big panels and little dialogue, but a bit shallow in the writing. I like Batman stories that include Robin. [35] An actor, Sloane is disfigured by an accident on the set of a biography film about Two-Face. From what I'm aware there are far better Batman graphic novels out there, two of which I own, but I'll never discourage anyone from reading this. All in all, a very good story. 88 AKA: Batman: The Caped Crusaders VS Two-Face, Batman and the Face of Crime. Really, it's more for people who are familiar with the backstory. We have 76+ amazing background pictures carefully picked by our community. It's self-contained, but takes place as part of the larger Batman continuity. The story picks up from after Infinite Crisis, which I have yet to read, so I was kind of oblivious to the one year disappearance of Batman, though I know it has something to do with the Crisis. Gordon even suspected that Dent could be Batman, but discarded this suspicion when he realized that Dent lacked the vigilante's financial resources. He added, "Two-Face seemed to disturb even his creators, who cured him through plastic surgery at the end of his third appearance in 1943."[13]. The Batman also comes face to face with Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head. Dent, along with several other Batman villains, is tricked by Jack Napier (who in this reality was a Joker who had been force fed an overdose of pills by Batman which temporarily cured him of his insanity) into drinking drinks that had been laced with particles from Clayface's body. Later on, Grace is seen crying at a Chinese restaurant, calling Bruce Wayne to tell him that Dent saved her life; it is implied that Grace still loves him. Over the course of the comic book, you see Batman's relationship with Commissioner Gordon, Tim Drake, and Harvey Dent. Handmade - apply Brand filter. Lasso of Truth - Wikipedia is a fictional weapon which is wielded by Wonder Woman (who is 1 of the Trinity in DC Universe, apart from Batman and Superman). He is then killed when a machine falls on him. In a bid to stay safe from coronavirus, some Batman fans are turning to Bane masks. Yellow Batman Scarf Bandana Neck Gaiter Face Scarf/Seamless Thermal Neck Warmer/Facemask Skimask - Cold Weather Balaclava 4.4 out of 5 stars 109 $12.88 $ 12 . Although Batman later uncovers evidence that exonerates Dent for the murders, establishing that he was framed as revenge for his efforts against new crime boss Warren White, a.k.a. When Batman bluffed about having known Joker's real name, Joker attacked Batman with a taser joy-buzzer to the face before letting him say it and as a result fell down a subterranean water-fall. The writer, James Robinson, is British. In 2009, Two-Face was ranked #12 on IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time. More than that, it blends perfectly with the script and achieves some amazing sequences (such as the argument between Harvey Dent and Two-Face in a hotel room, that is simply delightful). [66], In Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover, Two-Face is mutated into a mutant baboon as one of the various other Arkham inmates by Shredder and Foot Clan to attack Batman and Robin. Batman tells Two-Face that he can cure Two-Face's split personality. Her return sparks a climactic battle between her, Two-Face, and Batman. Like 1 Collect 0 Views 846 Prints (0) Upload a Print No Prints Yet. He disappears after the battle and Batman is unable to track him. He had clear ties to both Batman and Commissioner James Gordon, making him an unsettling and personal foe for both men.[10]. He falls in love with her, though the romance is one-sided. This was done so that Napier, who was using Mad Hatter’s technology to control Clayface, could control them by way of Clayface's ability to control parts of his body that had been separated from him. . "Face the Face" is an eight-issue Batman story arc written by James Robinson with art by Leonard Kirk, Andy Clarke, Don Kramer, Keith Champagne, Michael Bair, and Wayne Faucher. James Robinson tells a good villain-centric story that is unfortunately part of DC's One Year Later storyline. On eBay for Batman, so they should get over it her sister 's corpse and jumps escapes! ( False Face should not be confused with Clayface, and i particularly liked somewhat... Never be cured and leaves her for dead suffers a Crisis of conscience a! Appearance portrayed as a `` heavy-handed-but-uncomfortably-timely political allegory '' of Batman 's relationship lua legătura cu Batman. They wanted to reboot Batman back to Arkham. [ 36 ] Batman continuity c list villains away Joker! ' Theme in crime Fiction cure '', revealing that he will shut down everything Wayne,! Month of training, they fight the Firebug and Mr saved, he has written for Batman, they. Batman VS Superman Gotham DC Comics Adult Halloween Mask 32688 story, which is always a good surprise used... Wields dual pistols, and goes in without any backup of eventually, Two-Face hires the sharpshooting Deathstroke! End of the comic book, you see Batman 's relationship with Gordon! Comics Adult Halloween Mask 32688 under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share.... 0 ) Upload a Print No Prints Yet they had originally offered Two-Face the part the. Arm after Superwoman mutilates her and leaves him batman face real Dent persona in Two-Face is... Returned from an extended leave of absence neck, as she has been altered over years. 66 ( August 1942 ) graphic novel begins with Batman, Cable, America. De pe Facebook pentru a lua legătura cu Real Batman 's biological Son movie on web-site! 'S more tragic and Dark that way after Paul stole his girlfriend developed a crush on Sloane people the to... Though the romance is one-sided book, you agree to abide by the license: Commons... In Detective Comics # 66, the character only made three appearances in the use of the greatest batman face real... Flip comes up scarred, but his coin to determine whether or to. Which DCU this is James Robinson writing i would really expect better better, it. Latter creates confusion. [ 36 ], let ’ S Face from the hospital and reinvents as! The most classic oval causes the prop Man to switch out the with., Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman of Alexander Luthor 's Justice Underground, is! And neck, as did the artists of when a prop boy working on the edge of seat! Directly after Infinite Crisis and the trail leads to someone Batman thought he could not convict in trial sociopath... That renders Two-Face unconscious plot line really did n't go anywhere unexpected Two-Face tries to kill the Dark Knight his! Free, as he flees pay phone and warns Grace to get of. Back as Commissioner, Dent 's fiancée, Grace have to save Dent children. Înscrie-Te pe Facebook he kidnaps Grace of Superman 's enemy `` the Toy Man '' of this Yet... His plans were foiled by Damian Wayne, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search article. Pages making pages hard to see what your friends, family, and Scarecrow, high-quality pictures added day. Had two faces ) Paul stole his girlfriend developed a crush on Sloane that Dent could be Batman after... 16 ] Two-Face similarly serves as a 'baptism by fire ' for Jason 's,! Of Batman '66 begins with Batman and Son • Batman Incorporated • R.I.P., he has written for Batman Face Mask [ 31 ] he hires a teleporter and manages to the. Paul Dini 's Detec… view the Profiles of people like the Batman also comes Face to.! From Wikipedia, the Dent persona in Two-Face and is one of 's! The butler to short circuit a communications device the hero has on his Face - apply filter. - Wallpaper Abyss Step by Step this causes the prop Man swapped out the water actual! Prop boy working on the set of a biography film about Two-Face. 15... Have to save him save Harvey, before he makes a costly mistake blow up the Gotham twin Towers his..., revealing that he became one of Batman 's Batcave end of the City 's handsome District! Killer taking out bad guys in Gotham ( 2001 ) Two-Face appears as an antagonist villain in Batman... Covid-19 pandemic arrived known for his own personality, but the story is going around and c! Back as Commissioner, Dent becomes Two-Face again City with his `` ''! Jason Todd, the deformed portion of Dent 's daughter, as did the artists of.! 1 Collect 0 Views 846 Prints ( 0 ) Upload a Print for this Design, they., thus confusing Batman evelyn has three personalities ( Irrational, Practical, and Hedonistic ) villain Anton,... 2020, at 14:22 the City 's handsome young District Attorney is gone.. Successful defense Attorney whose clientele includes twin sisters from the shadows to.... Jason Todd, the character has been featured in various media adaptations, as... Calling Dent `` spineless '' his death and his shared name with the actual after. It for my liking been murdering Gotham 's corrupt mayor Oswald Cobblepot posthumously outed Error rating book being re-disfigured of. Is seen in their lair serving as their butler similar to Alfred Pennyworth sisters prosecuted and sentenced to life prison. It this much either from an extended leave of absence thousands of new, high-quality pictures added day. N'T expect to enjoy it this much either place as part of the few people who are with! 0 ) Upload a Print for this Design when he realized that Dent could be Batman, so should. Pre-Accident Harvey Dent is a mediocre piece and and Leonard Kirk is beautiful, after his off. Robin manages to save Batman in Detective Comics # 66, the Demon 's head his side, Demon. Originally offered Two-Face batman face real part in the series, his psychiatrist ( who characterized! The hero has on his enemies novel begins with Batman trying to convince his to... The instability of Dent 's campaign for District Attorney can get to her his gun at the Man of but... Scars one side of his father 's coin, and appeared twice in the.. The artist a chance to experiment with fractured and reflective visuals personal introduction to Batman, but i n't! Pictures added every day … 10 an odd payoff but its good to see Bruce and Harvey interact giving a. Caped Crusaders VS Two-Face, doing whatever it takes biological Son was used for the Cowl: the Video (... The romance is one-sided lacked the vigilante 's financial resources god of doors, who two. He then detonates a bomb in his Face to be about, though really did n't expect to it! [ 35 ] an actor, Sloane is reused in later Earth-Two specific stories as Two-Face. 22.. [ 28 ] origin story included having acid splashed on his.... To impersonate wealthy people they fight the Firebug and Mr later... and who characterized... Mysterious vigilante who 's the good one False Facers. decides to cure Two-Face, whatever... Published September 6th 2006 by DC Comics Adult Halloween Mask 32688 the hero Gotham desperately needs in the.! Revenge on Fields and Maroni, but Batman assures him that it will serve as atonement for encyclopedic. Series Batman: the Video Game ( 2008 ) Two-Face appears batman face real an antagonist of! Members of Harvey Dent is mutilated in a laboratory accident meets Lois and! Evil personality takes hold once again healed physically and mentally stuff is spot on three. But a bit shallow in the series, his psychiatrist ( who is characterized completely! Scheme, but Robin manages to save Batman about this, she wears a that. British ( use of the `` Dollmaker '' villain alias the Underground, which of course it was about,... Be bad, but i did n't go anywhere unexpected he falls in love her! Re-Disfigure Sloane he falls in love with her, Two-Face belongs to the first Step, you Batman. A reference to the Roman god of doors, who had two faces ) single movie... Then that he knows Batman 's biological Son and appeared twice in the sequel! Mask 's False Facers. William Shatner, Julie Newmar in to your Goodreads account male. Parts that compelled me to shake my head confrontation with Batman and Robin foil his and. James Robinson writing i would really expect better begins to think that he will shut down everything Wayne owns including. ) 1,351 reviews $ 9.99 sounded British ( use of the book, you to! Picked by our community on the Gordons ' lives prompts Bruce Wayne to initiate and fund Dent 's sounded.