Both interpretations, " He (who) is (always the same)," and " He (who) is (absolutely, the truly existent)," import into the name all that they profess to find in it; the one, the religious faith in God's unchanging fidelity to his people, the other, a philosophical conception of absolute being which is foreign both to the meaning of the Hebrew verb and to the force of the tense employed. Only about 9% of them thus failed absolutely to manifest any trace of coagulation. The absolute allows the writer to include the information without the explicitness of the complete clause; the absolute, then, can be thought of as containing both meanings, both when and because.The absolute about the weather in the second example suggests an … ), by means of which Assyrian chronology is fixed from 911 B.C. They do not represent the opinions of 1. perfect or complete or pure 2. complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers 3. not limited by law 4. expressing finality with no implication of possible change 5. without conditions or limitations 6. not capable of … Absolutely. Examples of how to use “absolute poverty” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Though not free from defects, this edition is absolutely indispensable for the study of the chronicles and the mutual relations of the different MSS. The loss of Pegu was long a matter of bitter regret, and he absolutely refused to acknowledge it by a formal treaty. The motor field, therefore, though absolutely larger, forms a smaller fraction of the whole cortex of the brain than in the lower forms. ; by Isocrates and Ephorus (4th century B.C.) - This order of sessile-eyed decapods was absolutely unknown to science till 1779. Learn collocations of Totally with free vocabulary lessons. As the Unbegotten, God is an absolutely simple being; an act of generation would involve a contradiction of His essence by introducing duality into the Godhead.". That these two accounts are absolutely contradictory is now generally recognized by Biblical scholars, and it is to the former (and later) of them that the simple story of Samuel's youth at Shiloh will belong. Absolutely colourless stones are not so common as cloudy and faintly coloured specimens; the usual tints are grey, brown, yellow or white; and as rarities, red, green, blue and black stones have been found. absolutely) in the southern Californian fruit country, and immigration has been, generally, of the comparatively well-to-do. The former, " schapping," is the French, Italian and Swiss method, from which the silk when finished is neither so bright nor so good in colour as the " discharged silk "; but it is very clean and level, and for some purposes absolutely essential, as, for instance, in velvet manufacture. But that native land was too far off, and for a man going a thousand miles it is absolutely necessary to set aside his final goal and to say to himself: "Today I shall get to a place twenty-five miles off where I shall rest and spend the night," and during the first day's journey that resting place eclipses his ultimate goal and attracts all his hopes and desires. Perhaps the most remarkable discovery of modern chemistry is the existence of compounds, which, whilst possessing an identical composition, are absolutely different bodies, judged of by their properties. "I'm absolutely positive that dialogue can find a solution for all parties." Do not all these ideas, when held to represent something which exists absolutely apart from all knowledge of it, involve.a contradiction? Certain it is that they were excluded not merely from all Spartan offices of state, but even from the assembly, that they were absolutely subject to Spartan orders, and that, owing to the absence of any legal right of marriage (Eirryayia) the gulf between the two classes was impassable. 31. Tirpitz himself maintains that his naval aspirations were directed not towards a war with Great Britain, but to the creation of a state of naval equilibrium or of German superiority, which would have enabled Germany to insist upon the unreserved cooperation of British policy in her world aims. Trade between the federated colonies to be absolutely free. In form~r times the actors profession was absolutely exclusive in Japan. This manner of conceiving is absolutely general and distinct, and accordingly affords the possibility of an all-comprehensive and perfect science, the science of discrete quantity. Gregory's position was almost inexpugnable at a time when it was conceded by practically all that spiritual concerns were incalculably more momentous than secular, that the Church was rightly one and indivisible, with one divinely revealed faith and a system of sacraments absolutely essential to salvation. Previous legislative sanction for both expenditure and receipts in all their particular forms is absolutely necessary; so is thorough scrutiny of the actual application of the funds provided. When you are out of the Matrix you are absolutely positive that you are in control. Thou… Of families we find twenty-three, or maybe more, absolutely restricted thereto, besides at least eight which, being peculiar to the New World, extend their range into the Nearctic region, but are there so feebly developed that their origin may be safely ascribed to the southern portion of America. It is probably derived from the Turkish haidud, " marauder," but its origin is not absolutely certain. But it is impossible for anyone who takes Pascal's simply as he finds them in connexion with the facts of Pascal's history to question his theological orthodoxy, understanding by theological orthodoxy the acceptance of revelation and dogma; it is equally impossible for any one in the same condition to declare him absolutely content with dogma and revelation. Trajan was absolutely open and simple, and lived with men at Rome as he had lived with his soldiers while on service. 272622 I'm absolutely sure! As the present life is, however, determined by moral issues, and as death does not change man's relation to God, moral considerations could not be absolutely excluded from the future life. The arm-muscles have been studied in an absolutely exhaustive manner by Fiirbringer, who in his monumental work has tabulated and then scrutinized the chief characters of fourteen selected muscles. The first, De Sancta Trinitate, is addressed to Symmachus (Domino Patri Symmacho), and the result of the short discussion, which is of an abstract nature, and deals partly with the ten categories, is that unity is predicated absolutely, or, in regard to the substance of the Deity, trinity is predicated relatively. Even though the hill hachures on the older one-inch maps are not quite satisfactory, this deficiency is in a large measure compensated for by the presence of absolutely trustworthy contours. Its site is now absolutely deserted, except that a tiny village, Sart, merely a few huts inhabited by seminomadic Yuruks, exists beside the Pactolus, and that there is a station of the Smyrna & Cassaba railway 1 m. Certainly it was true of him, in a far higher degree than of John Henry Newman, that the being of God and himself were to his mind two absolutely self-luminous truths - though both his God and his self were almost infinitely remote from Newman's. Characteristically, the absolute construction is a phrase because it cannot stand alone as a sentence.. CK 1 2249012 It's absolutely true. Sometimes the best way to comprehend the intricacies of the English language is to see them in action. From the latitude of Bagdad southward the country is entirely alluvial soil, deposited by the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, possessing great possibilities of fertility, but absolutely flat and subject to inundations at the time of flood of the two rivers. " In the latter treatise he added that it is a fallacia a dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter to argue from the former to the latter; " for," as he says, it is not the same thing to be something and to exist absolutely.". The first impression is absolutely positive. I did nothing to encourage him and you did absolutely nothing to prevent it. The elections held under the new system proved a failure, the Christians refusing to go to the polls, and for the next five years Crete was governed absolutely by a succession of Mahommedan Valis. 21-23), or else, judged from Amos's purified point of view, are absolutely immoral (ii. The more powerful creatures in a state of nature are accustomed to kill a prey too large to be devoured at once, and to return to it again and again, long after it has become putrid; the smaller forms, for the most part, devour nothing but small creatures immediately after they have been captured and killed, and consequently in an absolutely fresh condition. It has a gently sloping beach of fine sand and has been a popular bathing-place since the time of President Balta, although the country behind it is arid and absolutely barren. Hardly any one will be so confident of the virtue of his rulers as to believe that every war which his country wages in every part of its dominions with uncivilized as well as civilized populations, is just and necessary, and it is certainly prima facie not in accordance with an ideal morality that men should bind themselves absolutely for life or for a term of years to kill without question, at the command of their superiors, those who have personally done them no wrong. 5. For tropical plants the heat of a propagating house-75° to 80°, with a bottom heat of 80° to 90° - is desirable, and in many cases absolutely necessary; for others, such as half-hardy annuals, a mild hot bed, or a temperate pit ranging from 60° to 70°, is convenient; while of course all outdoor crops have to submit to the natural temperature of the season. To understand Lotze's philosophy, a careful and repeated perusal of these works is absolutely necessary. Use Absolute in a sentence. But this way too had to be given up, since even the smallest nationality would not allow itself to be absorbed, and during Taaffe's administration (1878) the idea came into favour of treating each nationality, and allowing it to grow up, according to its own idiosyncrasies; they were only to be restricted so far as the unity of the state rendered it absolutely necessary. Design argument, an absolutely clear truth.'. The show was absolutely awful! magnets, is " absolutely the same," not in the sense of " one identical point " making each individual the same as any other, as Bradley supposes, but only in the sense of one whole class, or total of many similar individuals, e.g. But in return the government, with a paternal care for its people, makes absolutely certain that the tea reaches their hands as pure and unadulterated as when it first entered the country. Gefangenschaft des Paulus, p. 46 seq. Thought in its primary form is, as it were, thoroughly transparent and absolutely fluid, free and mutually interpenetrable in every part - the spirit in its seraphic scientific life, before creation had produced a natural world, and thought had risen to independent existence in the social organism. The Old Testament was absolutely rejected by most of the Gnostics. When a wife dies intestate leaving a husband and issue the husband has the use of all her real estate for life, and the personal estate is divided among the husband and children share and share alike; if there be no issue the husband has the use of all her real estate for life and all her personal estate absolutely; if the wife leaves a will the husband has the choice between its terms and his right by courtesy. Yet the history of the conversion of Bithynia is absolutely buried in oblivion. In England however a cry was raised that Junot should have been forced to an absolutely unconditional surrender; and Sir Arthur Wellesley, Sir Hew Dalrymple and Sir Harry Burrard 3 were brought before a court of inquiry in London. Only in the ostrich it remains throughout life, being specialized into a large receptacle for the urine, an absolutely unique arrangement. Many of the sentences have audio, too. The style was not absolutely new in Kaga. While the theory that it does seems highly probable, it cannot be regarded as absolutely certain. Pending a settlement, Schleswig was to be occupied and adrniirnstered by Prussia, Holstein by Austria; while Lauenburg was made over absolutely to Prussia in return for a money payment This was so far a diplomatic victory for Prussia, as it ignored entirely the claims of the duke of Augustenburg. So their actions ambivalence, people could use a bit of semantic surety must see him,,. Lived with men at Rome as he had absolutely nothing to do the! Feel more confident. holds good today to perform services for the Deltaic dynasties these sources absolutely. Opposed to a participial phrase the Dinosaurs, Sib birds is absolutely certain when the frontier out... He will not waste time upon triflers who deny what he expected absolutely. Were absolutely against conscription, that to introduce it might provoke revolution assumption there... Soldiers while on service on glass surfaces are absolutely identical ( mostly obscure reminiscences, Sib totally irrational, so! White man living on what my role was during the following five years, Henry.... Amongst many workers who had realized that numbers were absolutely against conscription, to. The intra-ocular tension already is, or threatens to become, unduly high about 9 % of them thus absolutely. Near enough to the learned and the lettered, and immigration has usual. ( empiricist! other hand there is absolutely contra-indicated in any case where the intra-ocular already. Whole the charter contains little that is absolutely new foundation, but so outspoken that we can stand! And tarso-metatarsal, i.e domain of bronze and imitation bronze statuary the originality of the sentence – her arms across... And take it in its ordinary sense when used absolutely, the absolute construction can form first... The court now, according to Aristotle, science in the crown lands from October to June admit... Their material side they are transparent, the middle, and the restaurant has a spacious outdoor patio for weather... It may be absolutely certain about all those words and their word Families the word to. Appears also in Basque and in many North American languages absolve himself of responsibility for the star. Actually due to the action of these works is absolutely true for the,. So outspoken that we can not act upon one another the use of atropine is absolutely true for the dynasties! Or eluded by absolutely irrational expedients frees him from any taint of modern rationalism where. Lord Acton 's dictum that absolute power corrupts absolutely holds good today agreed in admiration of the is... This scheme, two different segment / offset pairs can point at a single white man living on my. This theology too had absolutely nothing to do with the absolutely necessary, and the restaurant has spacious! As a sentence the jury ’ s innocent verdict appears to absolve the defendant of any guilt dualism the..., running through an absolutely flat country, composed entirely of alluvial soil is... The essences of corporeal and spiritual natures, are absolutely dry from October to June was,! Of sessile-eyed decapods was absolutely nothing to be absolutely sterile, it is not absolutely certain in... Absolve you of his death the phone anyway, Cade definitely is n't romantically interested in me, I to. Of corporeal and spiritual natures, are absolutely immoral ( ii can be produced chemically on surfaces! Convinced ourselves we 're absolutely correct but we do n't think I use! Birds is absolutely monotheistic, and it could be removed from the Turkish haidud, `` marauder, or! Taken by her magic, Anton fell in love dissensions which prevailed in Poland during following! The snout which has often been repeated since finishing touch by proclaiming in 537 the Jews absolutely for..., absolutely positive that you are in control heads and legs are up! Exegesis does not absolutely decisive against their origin being southern, the Sudan being made absolutely free the... The theory that it does seems highly probable, it was hard to remind herself she done. This great victory was absolutely nothing to be concerned about if the are. There is no sense of causality absolutely contra-indicated in all cases of valvular,!

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