Zeno easily, Alien x is basically god of destruction tier and stands no chance against Zeno. Infinite Zamasu Zamasu: Fusion Zamasu Zamasu: Future Zamasu Zamasu: Fusion Zamasu (Dragon Ball Heroes) Zamasu: 146 K: Goku Black Zamasu: Zamasu: Super Shenron: Zeno Sama Zeno: 11 M: Grand Priest Daishinkan: 23 M: team class: 34 M Zen'O is more than likely the first one to lift his hand and squish, especially since Dormmamu would remind Zen'O of Infinite Zamasu. All traits of a character are used for calculating the Classification. Because if so, he would have been able to kill everyone in the past. That is not the case. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. Witnessing Zamasu's spread, Zeno erases all of this reality, with Goku and the others barely escaping in Trunks' time machine. Future Zeno vs. Infinite Zamasu is a battle fought between future king of all, Future Zeno and Zamasu's will Infinite Zamasu. Goku wishes he had one more Senzu Bean and thinks he found one in his pocket, but it turns out to be the button given to him by Zeno. If he had Trunks would have never existed and all the effects he had on Universe 7 would be erased. @ZacharyGrossman273 "Zeno gets absorbed" Dormammu can't immediately turn people into their personal mindless slaves, or else Strange would've turned and would have been ordered to break the loop. Infinite Zamasu vs Zeno Sama. Team Goku Black vs Darkseid & Doomsday. Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku lives up to his long and overcomplicated name, but Infinite Zamasu is someone that only Future Zeno can stop. Infinite Zamasu is the final incarnation of Zamasu and antagonist of the Future Trunks Saga. R1: Infinite Zamasu VS Strange Visitor Superman. Superhero Class. 13 Kefla Since Kefla is a unique character - and technically two separate characters combined - accurately measuring her power level is also tricky. Also Zeno only ended Trunks universe, he did not erase its entire timeline. Infinite Zamasu was immortal, so not even the Gods of Destruction could get rid of him, no matter how strong their energy is. Yet he didn’t. During the anime and briefly after his resurrection in Fanga after his revival - Infinite Zamasu was the will of Future Zamasu left over while in both Manga and Fanga (he reformed into his physical form) - he takes on an appearance identical to Fused Zamasu. R2: Infinite Zamasu VS Superman Prime 1 Million. The fact that when Zeno ended up destroying the entire multiverse when he got rid of Infinite Zamasu in its entirety pretty much justifies the evidence that unless there was an alternative way of changing the entirety of the multiverse, there was no way that it could be dealt with. Most likely Infinite Zamasu would avoid invading Zeno's Palace, since it is actually found in Outer Space (so it isn't in any of the 12 universes) and it is the seat of the Omni-king and the Grand Priest. R3: Infinite Zamasu VS Cosmic Armor Superman