Ornamental Onion Yellow. These Allium christophii bulbs are supplied in packets of 8 bulbs for €10. Garlic Condiment. Petite flowers sit like lollipops on wiry 12- to 18-inch stems. Ornamental Onion. Allium Tall 'Christophii' quantity. All alliums are very easy to grow and will grace your garden for years to come. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Allium Christophii - Common name:Ornamental Onion - Allium Christophii produces softball-sized starbursts of amethyst pink flowers on 14" stems. Hosta Patriot (Ships in Spring) Hosta. Native Area: Hungary, Turkey USDA Growing Zones: 4–8 Height: 2–3 feet Sun Exposure: Full sun 02 of 10. Height: 50-60. Allium's amazing purple balls of color burst onto the scene in The Big Little Garden in spring of 2018. May/June. 14 3 7. As the grey-green strap-shaped foliage dies down, huge star-shaped, silvery-rose-violet flowers appear. 9 2 7. Select options. 13 6 12. Allium christophii, also known as Star of Persia, is another eye-catching Allium. 12 2 14. 'Ambassador is a mauve-purple variety. Allium christophii: Synonym: Allium albopilosum, Stars of Persia: Bulb Size: 12–14cm: Catalog Page (2020) 139: Flower Color: Silvery Pink: Bloom Time: Very Late: Height: 18-22 inches: Sunlight: Full (6+ hours sun per day) Soil: Well-drained: Resistant to Deer Good for Cutting Depth of Planting Hole: 5 inches: Spacing: 8 inches apart: Density: 1-2 per sq. Allium giganteum, thanks to its tall bearing, is perfect to line the back of a flower bed. Allium 'Ambassador' The Spruce / David Beaulieu. Any foliage will die back before it flowers. Shorter under 2' so Suitable for potBecause the leaves are an ugly disaster before flowering. 21 10 2. Add to cart. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 50+ RARE HUGE PURPLE ALLIUM CHRISTOPHII 12" BASKETBALL FIREWORKS FLOWER SEEDS at the best online prices at eBay! With huge blossoms that measure 10 inches across and rise above other garden plants on sturdy three foot stems, these plants are sho Allium christophii; Allium christophii. SKU: 14530 Category: Allium Tags: Allium, flower time: 7, purple. See more ideas about Allium, Plants, Allium flowers. Allium cristophii (subgenus Melanocrommyum), of the Amaryllidaceae, is a bulbous perennial native to Iran, Turkey, and central Asia. Makes a good cut flower both dry and fresh. Size . Top size bulbs supplied. This plant is native to Iran, Turkey and central Asia (concentrated in territory once known as Persia). The leaves wither before the flowers appear in early summer. Plant in autumn in a sunny spot; Plant bulbs 3 to 4 times the depth of the bulb and 10-15cm apart; A total spread of 10-50cm when fully grown; Likes fertile and well drained but moist soil. The Allium Globemaster looks absolutely fantastic on its own and will put a smile on anyone’s face. Add to Quote. Ornamental or flowering alliums are part of the Allium genus, members of the Amaryllidaceae family that includes garlic, leeks, and onions. Allium Christophii Bulbs ' Star of Persia The common name references this as a star and that's certainly the case. Each flower head comprises a tight cluster of tiny florets that emerge deep green but mature (top to bottom) to rose-purple. An Irish Gardener's Favourite, Christophii Allium Bulbs Come With Fast Next Day Delivery Some of the best alliums for perennial gardens include Gladiator, Globemaster, Purple Sensation and Allium christophii. Allium christophii is a beautiful, pale purple/mauve, blooming Allium. Allium christophii. Choose species that are smaller in size, such as Allium flavum, Allium karataviense and Allium sikkimense. OUT OF STOCK. Short ones like karataviense (6”), ‘Graceful’ (10”), christophii (18″) and schubertii (15”) can be planted near the front of a flower bed where they are easy to admire. Allium Christophii. 2 bulbs per bag. To determine if a plant is sufficiently cold hardy, the USDA created numbered zones indicating winter low temperatures; the lower the zone number the colder the winter. Ornamental Onion Macro. ft. Bulb Calculator. I have a few on the east side of the Crabapple Bed, growing up out of a border of Daylilies. Allium christophii, commonly called star of Persia, is a bulbous perennial that is ornamentally grown for its spring bloom of large, spherical, pale lavender flowerheads. Dozens of 'Miami', 'Mars', 'Purple Sensation', 'Firmament', 'Flavum',and 'Graceful' bulbs had been planted in the fall of 2017, adding to an earlier experimentation with the varieties 'Christophii' and 'Sphaerocephalon'. Click Login/Register to order. Rabbit-, rodent- and deer-resistant, A. christophii is adored by bees, butterflies and helpful pollinators. Wood Table Herb Garlic. Ornamental Onion. BUY IT NOW, PRICE BREAK ON QUANTITY!!! Floral globes are produced less tightly packed than many of the other varieties which means that Allium christophii brings an … It typically grows to 12-24" tall. 12 1 14. Height 40cm. 6 of ... Also known as round-headed leek, this Allium species produces cute, reddish-purple egg-shape flower heads. Average height 80-150 cm. The Garden Shop Stocks Various Varieties of Allium Bulbs. To me it has a silvery sheen, but Anna Pavord calls it “grayish mauve”. It is planted ornamentally for its large, spherical, purple flower heads of over 100 individual flowers that bloom in the spring. Circa 1884, the robust, long-lasting Star of Persia has immense, loosely compacted 8"- to 10"-wide globes comprised of over 50 starry, amethyst-violet florets with prominent metallic shine and green eyes (ovaries). Sep 4, 2019 - Explore Holly Van's board "Allium 'Christophii'" on Pinterest. Circa 1884, the robust, long-lasting Star of Persia has immense, loosely compacted 8"- to 10"-wide globes comprised of over 50 starry, amethyst-violet florets with prominent metallic shine and green eyes (ovaries). In bloom these fabulous globes - up to 20cm (8in) in diameter - have a metallic sheen. Flowering time: May, June, July. If you’ve ever seen the flower of a chive plant, it’s basically a lot like that, but groomed over the ages into different shapes, sizes, and colors. Plant groups of five to seven bulbs among a ground cover. Allium Caeruleum A true blue like this is a rarity. Click on product for more information. "Like fireworks frozen at moment of explosion" pavord.